COVID-19 Impact Consulting

Reinventing Onsite Food & Hospitality for the New Normal

The IHS team has formalized out five Strategic Initiatives that will guide your onsite hospitality programs through the COVID-19 future.

Hear the latest from IHS on their COVID-19 strategic initiatives.

Survey Results from the IHS COVID-19 Impacts on Business Dining Survey conducted in May 2020.

COVID-19 Strategic Initiatives


IHS is in position to validate the compliance of any Reopening Plan across the board as we have aggregated all CDC, NRA, FDA, state, and local regulations and recommendations.


  1. Reopening & Validation Checklists for COVID-19
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We’ve created a variety of “models” to assist our clients in their daily operations, enhance their offerings for the New Normal, and deliver added value to employees, students, and patients.


  1. Service Delivery Modification Models
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  2. Self-Service Modification Models
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  3. Contract Language Modification Models
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Our CrossCheck QA COVID-19 monitoring programs have expanded to include comprehensive Reopening Checklists and specific COVID-19 Test Areas for ongoing performance monitoring.


  1. COVID-19 Monitoring Program by CrossCheck
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INITIATIVE #1: Reopening & Validation Checklists for COVID-19

  • Up-to-date, aggregated database of current best practices from regulatory authorities and industry associations
  • Reopening Checklists developed to guide clients in ensuring that the appropriate protocols are in place
  • Utilize the CrossCheck QA tool, with updated COVID-19 criteria, to assess and quantify compliance with new standards
  • Provide real-time reporting to show successes and areas of opportunity prior to reopening
  • Operations reopen with the confidence that they are prepared for the new normal
  • Customers recognize the client’s commitment and feel more comfortable returning to the venues

Pre-open checklist COVID-19

Service delivery modification model

INITIATIVE #2: Service Delivery Modification Models

  • Determine a phased approach to reopening, offering the food and service within several different scenarios
  • Identify delivery models that reflect the most effective offerings, service, equipment, and packaging as conditions change
  • Develop client-specific plans of phased openings that gradually reopen serveries and stations with improved safety
  • Provide direction on offerings, staffing, labor tasks, new equipment, and service flow within each scenario
  • Build safer food venues that attract and reassure customers and encourage increased participation
  • Create customer experiences that support the organization culture/mission and increase trust in the food service operator

INITIATIVE #3: Self-Service Modification Models

  • Address the highest risk areas of traditional self-serve stations such as salad bars, beverage stations, and condiment stations
  • Pivot service models to be able to still provide a quality foodservice program
  • Determine the self-service areas with the highest risk and develop revised programming and/or physical station modifications that best support a safer environment
  • Deliver a detailed plan of self-serve station modifications based on client needs
  • Provide safer foodservice operations immediately and outline phased approaches to opening stations back to pre-COVID-19 levels
  • Maximize the efficiency and speed of service while minimizing service-level impacts to guests

Salad bar reopen model

Contract examination

INITIATIVE #4: Contract Language Modification Models

  • The Force Majeure language in most contracts should be modified to address potential risks of pandemic and other business disruptions
  • IHS recommends reviewing existing contracts to find language that may need to be strengthened for clients, employees, and financial impact
  • Modified Force Majeure language will be inserted as a negotiated new Exhibit or added to new contracts
  • IHS develops and presents customized models for slow-down and ramp-up periods and their potential impacts
  • Supply a matrix of contract sections that could potentially be impacted by a future pandemic-type events
  • Addressing potential contract issues now creates peace of mind for clients in the future, and taking a proactive stance can mitigate risk for future business disruptions

INITIATIVE #5: COVID-19 Monitoring Program by CrossCheck

  • COVID-19 mitigation requires clients and operators to offer dining experiences that prioritize safety
  • Prevention measures from CDC, Local Health Departments, and FDA are constantly updating and IHS incorporates them all into CrossCheck
  • IHS Evaluators are Subject Matter Experts for COVID-19 mitigation, aggregating and leveraging new data as we receive it to evaluate and validate that prescriptive actions are in place
  • COVID-19-specific CrossCheck Evaluations ensure that operations are running safely and responsibly over time
  • The CrossCheck tool also collects data and assesses compliance within new standards and provides real-time reporting to show both successes and areas of opportunity
  • Operations resume and clients are confident that they are following guidelines for the new normal, and customers feel comfortable to return

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