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Taking your vision from insight to impact

Innovative Hospitality Solutions specializes in developing superior strategies to transform food and hospitality programs in corporations, universities and health care systems. By collaborating with clients like you, we gain perspective and inspiration needed to develop sustainable solutions.

We lead:

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Operational Assessments

Define the “current state” and identify gaps versus best practices.

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Financial Assessments

Identify opportunities for cost efficiency.

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Voice of the Customer

Seek feedback to validate vision and guide recommendations.

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Operating Charters

Define and set strategic guidelines to deliver best-in-class services.

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Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Find the right food service management partners.

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Contract Negotiations

Ensure agreements represent a fair business model for all parties.

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Technology Solutions

Improve efficiency and productivity with top-of-the-line POS systems and IT solutions.

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Facility Planning & Development

Focus on cost-effective, flexible programming, planning and design.


COVID-19 compliance: Every Reopening Plan will be unique. Managers have to diagram the plan out in detail and pass it through approval stages. But how will you know your plans are comprehensive? Our exhaustive COVID-19 initiatives provide extra levels of validation that will prove to your employees, students and/or patients that your plan is sound and viable.

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Reopening Checklist for COVID-19

Consult a comprehensive guide for preparing operations for opening safely.

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Service Delivery and Self-Service Models

Stay out in front of compliance with new models built around COVID-19 safety.

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CrossCheck COVID-19 Checklist

Evaluate operations point-by-point on reopening day and monitor compliance regularly to ensure safety.

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“New Normal” Contract Templates

Spell out risk mitigation policies and contingency plans for staff and employees.

With IHS on your team, you will exceed your goals.

How it works

We start with your vision and set the stage for peak performance.

From complete project management and cost-reduction to developing designs plans for expansion, IHS offers the expertise and guidance to help you ensure best-in-class food and hospitality operations.

Step 1 - Assess Programs and Define Vision

Assess Programs and Define Vision

Understanding your situation and introducing best practices lets us help you clearly define your mission.

Step 2 - Develop an Operating Charter

Develop an Operating Charter

Creating the new “rules of engagement” and documenting an Operating Charter guides our work together.

Step 3 - Maximize Relationships

Maximize Relationships

Finding the “right” operator or setting new expectations with your self-op team sets your vision in motion.

Step 4 - Ensure Sustainable Success

Ensure Sustainable Success

Deploying IHS CrossCheck QA and Compliance program ensures “What gets measured, gets done” for continuous improvement.

To ensure that your hospitality service operations are peak performers, IHS developed the proprietary CrossCheck Quality Assurance and Compliance Tool, which offers continuous improvement of the dining services programs.

Need other specific services? Ask about our supporting that include:

  • Food service facility programming, planning and design.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) and information technology solutions.
  • Market research and customer satisfaction.

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